Melissa Collison

In the studio

The Argyle: Jewel on The Rocks

It isn't every day you are asked to help redesign one of Sydney's most iconic venues.  We've been extended the privilege and are now in the process of completing The Argyle in The Rocks, Sydney. 

In terms of colour we went for a palette of paprika, mango, wild yellow and muted greens.  Prints in orchids, swirls of tangerine and ikat prints in orange and canary.  There are 70s peacock chairs and iconic peacock mirrors, painted table tops, modular velvet sofas hugging the walls, and plenty of areas to dance and get cosy.

And, why not kiss under my signature tag, 'we kissed'?  Who said romance was dead... This venue is all about living it up, expressing yourself, loving life and never, ever, forgetting to have a good smooch


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Melissa Collison