Melissa Collison


A brave application of
the past
our dreams for the future
the spontaneity of the present

Driven by design principal Melissa Collison’s extensive experience, raw rebellious streak, and deep sense of fun and optimism, our interiors encapsulate historical and avant-garde beauty to create what is now.

Melissa Collison Design is chiefly recognised for producing confident, authentic and life-enhancing interiors with soul. The studio offers a bespoke service to select clients across hospitality, high-end residential, medium-density residential, retail and commercial projects.

Melissa and her team travel extensively internationally to forecast trends, research food and beverage cultures and develop ideas and can be engaged to design and develop dynamic hospitality concept designs.

Melissa Collison Design facilitates its clients’ visions by providing a full design service, from inspired concept design, documentation and council approvals, through to on-site management, custom furniture design and bespoke interior decor, to uniforms and branding.

We take pride in delivering highly tailored, bespoke professional service.